Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video Trailer Film " KATA MAAF TERAKHIR " Release

Darma (Tio Pakusadewo), facing the last months of his life. To be dead quiet, he wants the five daily prayers, fasting month, quit smoking and get a pardon from former wife Dania (Maia Estianty) and two children, Reza (Ade Surya Akbar) and Lara (Amanda) who had been impregnated left for Alina (Kinaryosih ), friend Dania Darma Only last wishes unfulfilled. Until one day accidentally met with Lara Darma. He worked hard toward Lara. She initially hesitated eventually will yield his father's wishes.


Because deep in his heart he really missed the event where he could mingle again with his father. Darma was told conditions at hand she had a dilemma, should he tell his sister and his father Reza would desire? .. Will's last wish fulfilled Darma? .. Did she help her father? .. Is Reza and able to forgive Darma Dania has made big cuts in their hearts for so long?