Sunday, October 11, 2009


On the outskirts of Jakarta with a group of teenage boys grow and build strong friendships. They are Ale [Fatir Muchtar], Jarot [Vino G. Bastian], Lukman [Dion Wiyoko], Sadat [Ali Syakieb], and Jago [Dallas Primary]. Ale is the most prominent figure among them. The soul is obviously the leader. While Jarot was what most do not talk much and covered an event in a football match that ended with the noise. Ale at that time because his opponent was forced to use a knife.


They're all trying to help Ale. Until finally succeeded in crippling Jarotlah the opponent and no knife was imbedded expected opponents body, collapsed blood, and death. Instantly all was silent and then fled the Jarot a self-standing stunned not believe their friendship was tested interlace. have bitter experience in prison alone. No one Companions who hurt feelings and change Jarot terkhianati be a hard man. Decision after leaving the prison to join the group the Black Dragon made it across the Ale group. Because the Black Dragon is a great enemy Ale group. Intrigue after intrigue even more complicated. Especially when Jarot re-establish his old love secretly with Aisha [Fanny Fabriana], brother Ale. Jarot decision was considered dangerous for the two warring groups.