Sunday, November 29, 2009


Business opportunities to get dollars you can get from anywhere, one of the virtual world or online. We can get a lot of alternatives to obtain money from the internet. Have you ever imagine a time when you need a place where the file or file upload on the internet and then you get the money when there netter who download your files? if yes then you should try missupload. Miss uploaded provide free service that lets you uploading files online store for free Upload.

Missupload apply the concept of file sharing service where you can share your files uploaded so others can download your files. How do we get the money? we get some money or points per unique downloads from our files, Missupload will provide points that can be converted into cash up to USD 90,000 per 1000 Unique download (download unique) of the total interest is file.Yang payment may be made through Bank BCA and Bank Mandiri after you collect Rp. 90.000, -. We can also accept payment through paypal after reaching $ 10 (1000 points).