Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gisca Putri Dewi anak dari Dewi Yull Meninggal dunia

Sad news comes from a family of senior artists, Dewi Yull. Gisca Putri Dewi, away his brain.
"It has died, our beloved sister Princess Agustina Gisca Sahetapy 110 610 on Friday, at his 03.30.mohon pray that all his deeds accepted by Allah Swt.amien.disemayamkan drmh dolor jl jakakarsa no 25 JKT." Wrote detikhot short message received from Dewi Yull family, Friday (06/11/2010).
Gisca previously been two days lying in Suyoto Hospital, South Jakarta. He was diagnosed with brain inflammation. Known plenty of fluids to accumulate in the head.
Since being treated in hospital, was not stable Gisca consciousness. Princess Ray Sahetapi have time to undergo surgery on Wednesday (06/09/2010) night. But unfortunately, God has willed another. Gisca goodbye.