Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sepatu tertua berusia 5000 tahun

Sepatu tertua berusia 5000 tahun
VIVA-news - the oldest leather shoes found in the mountains of Armenia, estimated at about 5500 years old. Pedestal legs are made of leather, use a rope to tie the front and rear.

As reported the Associated Press, Thursday, June 10, 2010, investigators reported that in a journal in a public library of science.

Shoe for right foot was found inside a cave. When found, inside the shoe was filled with grass.

Ron Pinhasi archaeologist from University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, led the research team. She feels very lucky to find shoes. Because, he said, usually they only find broken pots.

With the invention of shoes like that, then Pinhasi and researchers have information about the daily activities of ancient people.

At least, there is an illustration of how the past lives of ancient people. Not only about what they eat, what they do, but also what they wear.

Previously, the oldest leather shoes found in Europe or Asia, known as Otzi, "ice man" found frozen in the Alps a few years ago and is now preserved in Italy.

Otzi estimated to live in 5375 and 5128 years ago, a few hundred years newer than the shoe of Armenia. Otzi shoes made of deer and bear skins held together by rope coolie