Saturday, July 17, 2010


TRANS TV RATNA stations to report to Police Headquarters related to the circulation of obscene video titled "Fatma-transtv" in cyberspace, said the Head Of Marketing and Public Relations TRANS TV, A. Hardiansyah Lubis at Police Headquarters, Thursday (07/15/2010).

"We reported at the same time clarifying the connection with the circulation of obscene videos are on behalf of TRANS TV," said Hardiansyah.

TRANS TV know the circulation of obscene videos of two minutes 34 seconds duration that profiteer name one of its employees on Wednesday (7/14/2010), and received information from several people.

"File that was just Fatma employees TRANS TV, but not send video immoral," said Hardiansyah.

According to him, amoral video is expected to have long circulated, but now it has been deemed libelous TV TRANS. Even so the company does not know the motive of that action.

"After we browse, note that outstanding porn videos taken from a porn site by unscrupulous and irresponsible to change the video title being" Fatma-trans tv "with the aim of dropping good image TRANS TV," said Hardiansyah.