Saturday, October 2, 2010

News : Michael Cote is Justin Bieber ?

Michael Cote
Michael Cote or Justin Bieber

Journalist The Onion News Network makes a scene in the world. The result of their investigation that aired online mentions that Justin Bieber is not a 16-year-olds, but a 51-year-old pedophile man in disguise. Wow! According to the Onion, the old man's real name is Michael Cote. He was doing undercover as Justin Bieber for many years using a wig and rubber mask.In the video, Cote was arrested by some police who came to his house. Even Andrew Matheson had also served as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department held a news conference on the arrest of an old man who had engaged in pedophilia in 50 states.

Meanwhile in the next show, featuring Dr Onion. Hanna Carrier as criminal psychological say that these songs are sung by Justin Bieber was deliberately marketed to entice teenage girls. Not only that, Justin's mother who is known today - is disclosed Onion - is a former friend of Cote. The woman was a heroin addict who lives in Canada.

All things about Justin Bieber Onion disclosed above suspicions against one of the articles TMZ where Justin's face looks peeling off on stage. From there emerged some victims of the investigation of such a phenomenal star. Really Michael Cote is Justin Bieber? Or just the sensation of the Onion News Network that usually displays the absurd things the professional way they are? How do you think?