Sunday, December 19, 2010

Foto Mesra Kaka dan Syahrini di atas panggung

Foto Mesra Kaka dan Syahrini
Foto Mesra Kaka dan SyahriniFoto Mesra Kaka dan Syahrini

JAKARTA - If Ansani protest see Kaka and Syahrini intimacy on stage, in contrast to Slankers. They even liked the action and the giving spirit of the two singers on stage.
"Slankers getting excited, even more like," Kaka prank when met at the United Musicians '1000 'Cibubur, Jakarta, Saturday (12/18/2010).
Syahrini intimacy and Kaka were served to the audience, when their duet, during a birthday celebration Slank to-27 in Ancol, recently. Kaka and compact Syahrini Too Sweet sang songs of the band, based in Gang Potlot it.
In mid-song, Kaka spontaneously hugged the former duet Anang Hermansyah. The intimate hug on display in front of a packed Slankers Ancol.
Not unexpectedly, the photographs were published romance in cyberspace and get a less favorable reception from the fans Syahrini (Ansani). The protests are set forth by Ansani through social networking.