Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aksi ciuman mesra Juwita Bahar

ciuman mesra Juwita Baharciuman mesra Juwita Bahar
Juwita teen singer back into the subject. If you previously about its relationship with a man named General, who did not get the blessing of his mother, Annisa Bahar, now circulating photographs lovingly with another guy, named Egi.
Regardless of the intent of the sender. Two photographs show intimate scenes they're posing, while one lip kissing scene photos again. The sender calls the man as a lover Juwita
Juwita again be the talk ahead of the release film starring SAWERAN GIRL. Starting from the middle of pregnancy rumor, until the feud his girlfriend, who is also Supreme vocalist D'Flow with his mama at the location of the movie release. At that time the Supreme expelled until then to report back to Annisa Bahar Polda Metro Jaya.
Many people suspect this case, including the publication of the photo-toto Juwita with another man, the part of the setting. But of course a matter of truth, need to be awaited confirmation and the 'end of the story' of this.