Thursday, June 10, 2010


Beijing China - News about Sandi and Ardi, two Indonesian boy who hooked smoking crowded reported recently. But that is nothing compared to this little girl from China. In addition to smoking addiction, Ya Wen's three-year-old also often drink beer. Habits are done Yes Wen since he suffered a severe traffic accident.

According to China that the boy's parents, Ya Wen started drinking beer and smoking since been hit by a speeding car. As a result of the crash, Ya Wen had been in a coma for five days. "He liked a drink," said his mother, Gao Wen told Yangcheng Evening Post as reported by NY Daily News, Thursday (10/06/2010). "Three glasses of beer is not a problem for him," said Gao Wen.

According to Gao Wen, her daughter's personality changed dramatically since leaving the hospital. Yes Wen started behaving like adults. Yes Wen caught first was his father's smoking in the toilet. "First time I found out he was smoking in the toilet," said Gao Wen. "Before that, I often saw cigarette butts in the toilet but my husband thought it had, until then I saw my daughter smoking in the toilet," said Gao Wen.

Within a day, Ya Wen could spend a pack of cigarettes. In addition to stealing his father's cigarettes, Ya Wen also had the chance to steal cigarettes from a store. Until then let the shop owner Yes Wen mengutang cigarettes. Owner tokok think Yes Wen buy cigarettes for his father.

Source: detik.comRata Penuh