Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Download video - Ariel and Aura Kasih outstanding, the name Aura Kasih predicted as the next star that appears in a porn video. Mention of these videos have been circulating, but after the hoax turned out to be checked!

Various comments on Twitter continue to insist on mentioning that the video with aura-like star has been outstanding. They even send photos to strengthen the link.

In the photo seen the video capture sex with a female star-like aura. The woman is seen lying on a bed of white linen. The intimate parts of women were censored. Figure only shows the upper body of the woman.

Some video links were scattered. But the link was fake because when downloaded, the content instead of five songs that were taken randomly.

But some people insist on claiming to have the video. Rumor is a duration of nine-minute video. There's also a video that mentioned that the duration is longer than 18 minutes previously circulated.