Friday, November 26, 2010

Foto Dewi Persik Hot ( Bugil ) Beredar

Foto Dewi Persik HotFoto Dewi Persik Hot

Photos goddess peach naked and without a bra widely circulated internet, these sexy photos sontan make people who are looking for whether the correct image is hot and sexy photo dp currently under the management umbrella of the republic love Dhani leadership,

In the photo Dewi Persik (DP) looks hot posing without clothes in the chest on the cover with long hair, following the recognition of Questioning depe circulation of exciting photos of her that does not use these clothes top

Dewi Persik shows the photograph wearing no top. Fortunately the chest was covered with long hair dressed Goddess deliberately digerai in front.

"Yes it is my photo. My old photos Mas. I forget the year and month," said Dewi Persik when talking with, Thursday, November 25, 2010.According to the artist who was familiarly called this Depe, the photo was deliberately made to a private collection. Depe own surprise suddenly sexy photo was circulated in cyberspace.

"Indeed, I like photos like that. Photo by position closing the chest hair. Yes make a fad," says the widow of this Thaher Aldi.Depe not bother with the picture that is now circulating widely. Saiful Jamil ex-wife is also not thought about the legal steps for the sexy photo spread.