Friday, November 26, 2010

Video|Foto Gunung Bromo Meletus

a mountain in eastern Java that is currently erupting Mount Bromo, this mountain is a mountain that has a very nice panoramic view, lots of local and foreign tourists who often visit the mountains beromo, knowing only the eruption of Mount Bromo news quickly spread, even Recent news about the eruption of Mount Bromo has reached everywhere.

Foto Gunung Bromo MeletusFoto Gunung Bromo Meletus

Videos eruption of Mount Bromo can not we give it, perhaps a photo of Mount Bromo erupts can we give below is certainly for you:

Disaster in Indonesia recently had just died down but now again by following the eruption of Mount Bromo there just happened, now we have not received reports of victims who were injured or killed by mountain bromo ltusan this. Hopefully with the eruption of Mount Bromo is not to take casualties, and always pray that the eruption of Mount Bromo soon subside.